Friday, January 6, 2012

My Silence My Power

My words have now exhausted and now I see no benefit in using my words at a place or with a person who hardly knows any value of it. Let my thoughts be fed to the fire of silence that shall strengthen me from within. It is upon the person whether to appreciate my use of words that I had used for so long. But now I am no longer going to use them in a purpose that will go waste or I am not going to feed them to a deaf mind, deaf ear and a deaf heart. Let the heart listen to my feelings and now to my silence.

I have found my peace in silence. I shall forever be its disciple and it shall be an insult to my dignity as a woman and also to my dignified silence if I shall make the use of words. I have now realized that it is only through persevered silence that I shall find peace within myself. I shall find silence to seek my growth as an individual on earth. I used to believe that the articulation of feelings by words does make the other person understand the pains and feelings that the heart feels but with time I realized that for some people it is only silence that does some effect. It is letting things to nurture on their own and leave them to foster according to situations.

Let time be the decider in some situations. I believe and determine to go ahead with the way the Father Of My Nation lead the country and gave us the freedom. I wish to get freedom from the trivial things of life and move ahead towards a future that promises me growth and more self respect.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eternal Happiness Quotes

It has been a long time that I have written something on my blog. My blog commenting projects always keep me busy but there is always an urge to give you something new, refreshing and motivating. I came across some quotes on eternal happiness and thought about sharing them with you. Just go through the quotes and I hope that they make your day. I do share some motivational and inspirational quotes, but for that you need to go through my other posts.

Meanwhile, do get some eternal happiness here!

Surround yourself with people who know your worth. You don't need too many people to be happy, just a few REAL ones who appreciate you for who you really are. ♥ :)

Beauty Of Life

On my birthday my sister wrote a quote for me which was really heart touching and brought tears in my eyes. This was her message.

Thank You God For Giving Me a Loving Sister!!

 "I have the greatest gift from god in the form of a person who loves me, admires me, soothes me when i m crying who supports me when i m breaking who enlivesn me when i m low who encourages me to face challenges when i fail and who really by all means wants to make me happy and is always by my side. today i m really grateful to god for giving me such a wonderful and powerful sister who stands by my side always showing me how beautiful this world is and how wonderful the life to live it fullest so heartly thank god for this wonderful day to give me such a beautiful sister."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Rice Cooker

It was a Sunday and I thought of making some tomato rice. I thought I would make a bit more than actually needed for dinner so that I can have it in breakfast on Monday morning. I went on adding more and more rice in the small container I had. And, this is the result of having cooked more rice in a small container.
The swelling rice

It made me laugh a bit but the rice got cooked well when I put it in rice cooker for a while.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Walk Towards Happiness

What gives you happiness? Is there a standard that can measure happiness? Does reading quotes on happiness give you an idea about what happiness is? Can it be eternal? With all these questions coming in my mind, I want to share an amazing thought with you and a few images.

Today afternoon I went to the nutritionist and found that I had lost 6.6 pounds in two months :-). This motivated me to continue with my dieting and morning walk. For all my lovely friends I took these images from the hospital park and presenting them here along with a lovely thought!
Roses photos
Don't be hopeless in any situation. After every dry season, there is a good harvest. After every spell of hopelessness, there is new hope, and after every failure, there is a great success. After every dark night, there is a bright morning.

Below are some more images:
Rose Pictures
Mini Sunflowers
Lovely Lilly
I hope you will love them all!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Amazing Quotes On Reflection

Hi Friends!

I am going to share some amazing quotes that you can reflect upon and relate to yourself in one way or the other. They may be love quotes or any other famous quotes.

Seeking happiness from people or places will never sustain you or fill the need to feel loved, that has to come from inside us; with love of oneself to know our self worth comes from the beautiful light inside us. This light, this spark, this Love is our gift given to us by the One who loves us the most. Remember you have this gift inside your spirit; rejoice in who you are and true happiness will be found ♥ Michele

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Way To Eternal Happiness!

Don't try to achieve happiness because when you finally end up finding it you will be thinking about the pains that took you there. So do not focus on something and say that when you will achieve that you will get happiness. Stop chasing, start living!